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Social Bee Marketing/August-2012 Wish there was a way to combine your love of social media with the ability to get in on the ground floor of something totally new and revolutionary? It’s one of the most common roads to riches still available to the average American; the ability to take a leap of faith, prepare […]

Social Bee Marketing September 10, 2012 Ingenious apps, advanced social media and more powerful mobile devices are poised to transform every aspect of commerce in our daily lives—how we shop, how merchants sell and how advertisers market goods. SoLoMo is steadily gaining momentum. This intersection of social media, local merchants using location-aware technology for advertising […]

The other day I got a direct mail solicitation from Google. Yes, that Google. It was a good reminder me (and now to you too) that none of us can afford to get lazy when it comes to media mix. If the King of Online recognizes the power of a printed piece, then we should […]

ITextUSA August 2012 Mobile native apps and Mobile web sites.   A few years ago there was a distinct difference between mobile (native) apps and mobile optimized websites. Mobile apps were on the rise because of some key features like its downloadable to your phone, have an icon on your home screen, lots of unique […]

  Social Bee Marketing September 12, 2012 Now you have some followers how do you engage with them on a personal basis and conduct your business online. Well this can be made as simple or as complex as you like. The basic rules are make them interesting but don’t keep repeating yourself – other Users […]