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Pinterest has become a running joke to many. Still, the traffic reported coming from this site cannot be ignored, and the ways people are leveraging its popularity to market their businesses is very interesting.Here are just a few. 1. It’s not about you You don’t need to be blatant about what you offer your customers. […]

Social Bee Marketing/August 2012Some shocking statistics were released by Edison Research. These stats come from the best & brightest in the business (Jason Falls, Jay Baer, Tom Webster, Mark Schaefer). Some of top “wow” statistics (based on Baer analysis): 10 Wow Social Media Statistics: 1. 47% = Facebook has greatest impact on purchase behavior Last […]

iTextUSA/August 2012 We often hear about the importance of catering for mobile devices when designing and developing websites and web-based applications. Quite recently, in this blog, we have presented a list of 5 Mobile Website Usability Guidelines That You Cannot Afford To Break. However, have you ever been curious about how the mobile industry is […]

ITextUSA September 12, 2012 The world has become a place where gulfs are bridged and distances are traveled, all by one click of a mouse. The Internet has brought revolutionary changes to the lifestyles and living patterns of every individual. It has created a strong impact on how things have transformed from the old era […]

  ITextUSA September 12, 2012 As marketing professionals,  We spend a lot of time learning and educating on digital trends. With the current rate of growth, mobile marketing has been one of the most exciting to monitor. The data on user adoption is changing almost daily, with consumers actively changing the way they consume, share […]