7 Social Jobs You’ve Never Heard of (Yet!)

Social Bee Marketing/August-2012

Wish there was a way to combine your love of social media with the ability to get in on the ground floor of something totally new and revolutionary? It’s one of the most common roads to riches still available to the average American; the ability to take a leap of faith, prepare for something that doesn’t even exist and hit it big by being properly positioned. As a social media management firm, we did exactly…just as social media was beginning to get a foothold, our Founder Debra Sillanpaa recognized the opportunity and put a system in place to be properly positioned for the eventual growth. Likewise, before that, it was the early days of the Internet and the hot dot-com craze. But, creating company around something entirely new takes gumption, grit and a bit of insight. Although we never claim to have a crystal ball at our disposal, we have hit the ground running. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on 7 great jobs you’ve never heard of…yet!

1 – Social Activism Coordinator. Mark our word on this one…it’s gonna be big! Social media is a great marketing tool but it is also so much more. As the technology matures, social media will take on more and more social issues. It only makes sense! People have strong feelings about many different religious, political, civil rights, animal and other issues; social media provides a platform for them to connect, formulate a cohesive plan and take coordinated action. In fact, none other than Facebook itself plans to form a PAC or Political Action Committee to voice its own concerns in Washington D.C. What is good for the world’s largest social media company is also good for millions of other social concerns and charitable organizations. Expect to see the emergence of social activism coordinators in the relative near future along with the corresponding controversy as legal aspects strive to keep up with the changing face of technology. While the FTC and even FDA provide oversight into online marketing practices and relationships, there is currently little to no equivalent for social media activism.

2 – Social Bio-Analytic Engineer. If this sounds a bit complex…well, it is and it isn’t. Social media combined with low cost bio-punk initiatives are making it possible for ordinary people to make stunning scientific and technological discoveries from the comfort of their own kitchen or even garage. Unfortunately, trying to sort through the massive amounts of non-sense, bad science and downright fraudulent claims to find those few true nuggets of golden insight and information isn’t simple. Hence, the need for a social bio-analytic engineer. This person will be able to analyze immense amount of seemingly disparate data and distribute it to interested parties while simultaneously acting as a repository of resources, information and referrals.

3 – Social Lending Expert. It will come as little surprise that the banking industry is broken. In fact, financial markets are in a state of fiasco and both blame one common culprit…poor credit rating agencies. As many as 1 out of every 4 consumers find inaccurate information on their credit report but so do big business. The situation has become so dire that lenders of all sizes have started searching for other alternatives. So have consumers and investors. But online lending follows different rules – much more social ones – which creates a need for a social lending expert able to bridge the growing gap between traditional lending and the new emerging standards.

4 – Social Engineer. Engineers design cities, spaces and objects so how would that equate to a virtual world? Actually in much the same way. As the use of social media increasingly emerges the user within the social sphere via mobile and an ever expanding network, the distinction between what is “real” and what is “virtual” will disappear. A social engineer will bridge the gap between the online world and the physical world in order to create a cohesive user experience in terms of both infrastructure as well as software and social systems.

5 – Social Behavior Psychologist. This field is already showing signs of growth albeit only in very distinctive and highly protected areas. For example, the CIA/FBI and DARPA all have developed (or are in the process of doing so) psychological profiles, algorithms and behavioral patterns to help predict crime, terrorism or even psychological stability/instability via social media. If all this sounds a bit too “sci-fi” for you…well, what can we say?! We only report it. One thing is certain, the growth of social media interaction both online and offline changes the way people interact and even think. Maintaining a healthy relationship with the technology as well as society as a whole will require a unique skill-set quite separate from those of the average psychologist.

6 – Social Designer. If two heads are better than one just imagine what an entire army of planners and designers can come up with! Social designers will tap into the collective power of the people to create stunning new technologies, tools and fashion trends. In fact, everything from the furniture in your home to the next car you purchase could be a product of the wisdom of the crowds combined with a social designer capable of bridging the gap between ‘know-how’ and wishful thinking. Social design requires more than the mere ability to interact with others; it requires extensive understanding of the subject area, industry contacts and the ability to manage complex projects via remote distances.

7 – Social Instructors. From corporate training experts to high school tutors, social instruction is going to be big business. Already early examples in the form of social support are beginning to become a standard expectation among consumers but why stop there? Social instruction could be as simple as someone explaining how to assemble that new product just delivered to your door or assisting a surgeon in learning the latest breakthrough technique. The opportunities are nearly endless and the price is right!

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