Why Mobile Marketing

Over the past year many business owners have been inundated with information on how to get their business involved in the mobile marketing rush. With so much information being shared, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain as to how to get started or even if you should get started! Although mobile marketing can sound complicated, it’s actually very straightforward and easy to implement. It’s also something you absolutely need to do! Already the number of smartphone users in the US is over 80 million. And the number of tablet users is growing at a phenomenal pace! With so many people accessing the internet via mobile devices, it’s easy to see why mobile marketing is the future!

Still not excited about all the opportunities mobile marketing has to offer? Here are a few of the top reasons you should begin implementing a mobile marketing strategy to connect with your customers:

Round-the-Clock Access to Clients

The next time you go to a restaurant or a movie or are just walking down the street, take a look around. How many mobile devices can you count in the hands of the people around you? There were 324 million handsets sold in 2011 alone. These kinds of numbers translate into fantastic consumer reach! In 2011 adults in the US spent 10% of their time on mobile devices versus 4% on newspapers and 2.8% on magazines. With these kinds of numbers it’s no wonder that businesses who can connect with potential new clients on the go are finding such success!

A Higher Open Rate on Marketing Messages

Since the consumer’s choose to opt-in to receive special offers, alerts and additional content, they are more responsive and tolerant to receiving promotions and other material. In 2011 email open rates were up 34% on mobile devices. What would it mean for your business if there were more people reading your marketing messages?

Increased Sales

The experience for consumers is infinitely more interactive and targeted in comparison to any other form of interaction. Google’s latest independent research shows 74% of smartphone users have made a purchase resulting from using a smartphone. Are you current marketing methods getting these results?

Get In Front of Potential New Clients NOW

The ability to reach consumers anywhere creates an opportunity to personalize the message based on place, time, and preference. Brands can produce effective and targeted messages that are delivered conveniently when the potential client is most likely to buy. By 2016 it is estimated that 15% of all online ad spending will be on mobile marketing.

How do you get started creating a mobile marketing strategy?

1) Get a mobile website in place

2) Work with an experienced social media strategist to create a campaign that’s customized to your needs

3) Enjoy the benefits of being on the forefront of the mobile marketing revolution

What questions do you have about mobile marketing? Email ItextUSA with your questions and concerns. We’d love to help!!